Friday night I wrote

So, there were distractions this week.  A meeting with HR and my boss ( turned out fine, unforeseen salary raise, yay ); a doctor’s appointment in the middle of Wednesday; turns out Bachelor Ben is in love with two girls ( OMG, heresy!  how could this happen, luvyameanit Benzy )…plenty to distract a girl from writing her pages.

I had no plans Friday night.

Sure, I could have called a friend, hit the mall, visited relatives, taken my dog for a walk.  But that bothersome itch was in my subconscious all week as the days piled up and no writing had been done.

So, I have a system.  If I write first thing in the morning, without getting out of bed, the words flow.  My dream state simply carries me away.

Night time is another story.  I meditated, said my prayers to the Great Muse in the Sky, affirmed life is spectacular, asked for help and guidance from my guardian angels…and then I propped up my laptop on my knees and wrote.

I’ll look back and fix any typos I missed, any word choice that’s awkward…but that’s not the point.  What matters is I wrote.  And it got the juice flowing as ideas bombarded me for another story on the back burner right now.

All that matters…Friday night I wrote.