If I were friends with Oprah

If I were friends with Oprah, I’d take her to the best hiking trails I know in Texas and California.  We’d bring my dog and maybe one of hers as well.  I’d bring a big floppy hat for her to wear plus oversize sunglasses so we could commune without interruption from her fans.  I’d tell her about my fave new age books ( the ones she doesn’t already know about ) and my fave chick lit and YA books.  We have lots in common as we both love nature and books and dogs and new age spirituality.  I’d share my best dieting secrets ( not that she needs to change, just if she’s interested ) and we’d discuss whether there is any possibility at all that mermaids are real.  Some where along the way, I’d thank her for her shows , which truly have changed my life for the better.  We’d end our hikes with takeout Mexican food and margarita’s.  That’s what I would wish for if I were friends with Oprah.


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